Urodynamic Studies

These specialist physiological studies are vital to understanding the many difficulties that can occur with passing urine, from accidental leakage, to frequent urination day or night, trouble emptying, recurrent UTIs, and bladder pain. The results provide valuable insight into your symptoms, and enable us to tailor your treatment, focussing on the issues most important to you.

Performed with state of the art equipment, with your privacy and comfort in mind at all times, we offer this comprehensive panel of tests at no cost to you, in one convenient session, so that every individual can access these important tests.

What happens during the test?

Urodynamics is a test of your bladder function. It is used to assess urinary incontinence, difficulty emptying the bladder or recurring urinary tract infections. There are 3 phases to this test, an initial assessment of your urinary flow. This is followed by the insertion of a small catheter into your bladder , and another small catheter into your rectum. This assesses your bladder capacity and continence. Finally you will pass urine again with the bladder catheter still in place to assess your bladder pressures. The catheters will then be removed.

Preparation for the test

The test doesn’t require sedation so you can drive yourself to and from the QLD Pelvic Floor Centre. You are required to have a comfortably full bladder but you do not need to drink extra water beforehand. After the test you can continue your normal daily activities.

Risks of the procedure

This procedure is very safe. Some people find it slightly uncomfortable but not normally painful. Complications are extremely rare and equipment failure is a very remote possibility.

During and after your consultation

Pelvic floor problems can be quite complex, and this test can contribute to providing our physiotherapists and specialists with important information related to the function of your bladder and pelvic floor. Our nurse practitioner has extensive experience in helping manage pelvic floor patients and can provide some initial advice and coordinate further care in our centre if necessary.

If you have any questions during the consultation, please ask.

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