Do you experience difficulty going to the toilet? About 30% of the population will be constipated at some stage in their life, many of these people actually suffer from problems with evacuation of their rectum. Symptoms include a sensation of incomplete evacuation when on the toilet, or needing to return to the toilet to complete defecation.

Some patients experiencing constipation may visit the toilet many times during the morning, often only passing a small amount each time. Frequently, people with defecatory dysfunction will also experience abdominal cramps and bloating, even possibly having nausea, feeling generally “unwell”, or even eating less due to severe symptoms.

Treatment focuses on optimising rectal evacuation – there are “functional” causes as well as “mechanical causes” of this problem and at the Queensland Pelvic Floor Centre we understand these well. Treatment for constipation is multidisciplinary and can range from stool consistency optimisation to “biofeedback therapy”, irrigation devices and surgical options.

If you experience constipation or difficulty going to the toilet and would like to see one of our specialised Brisbane physicians, please book an appointment with us at the QLD Pelvic Floor Centre today.

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