Kate Hooper chats to Anna from A Woman Charged Podcast on the topics of painful sex, the mesh, pelvic prolapse and breaking the stigma.

A Woman Charged, 13 June 2022

Dr Chris Gillespie discusses an incredibly common problem experienced during pregnancy, and how to manage it.

Twinfo, 12 June 2022

Kate Hooper and Allison Bryant talk to podcast Menopause, Marriage & Motherhood on pelvic floor problems that are more common than you think.

Middle Aged Woman Stuff, 8 June 2022

Woman emotional eating

Kate Lane speaks to Equilibrando about emotional eating and the science being eating and emotions.

Equilibrando, 1 June 2022

Dr Trina Kellar talks to Refinery29 about why gut health is such a big deal.

Refinery29, 4 May 2022

Dr Trina Kellar talks to Instyle about social media and gut health fads.

Instyle, 1 May 2022

Screenshot of Ticker article

Dr Andrea Warwick talks to Ticker News about the ‘silent pandemic’ – with 1 in 3 Australians suffering from incontinence.

Ticker News, 14 September 2021

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